Build a website that works for you


Web development encompasses many languages, technologies and mysterious algorithms.  To get an idea of where I fit in check out the list below.  I am always tinkering and learning new techniques and ideas; so this is just a rough list.

  • Responsive layouts using the latest HTML/JS/CSS best practices
  • Front-end UI functionality and effects
  • Web application’s designed to grow
  • Usable interfaces and SEO friendly code

To put that into ‘layman’ words:

  • I develop sites that use current standards and that work across all devices and browsers
  • I build database-driven websites that the average web user can edit/update with little technical knowledge
  • I can customize pre-built web applications such as WordPress, Woocommerce and Magento or build one specific to your business
  • I pay attention to how visitors use your site in order to make that experience more efficient, easier, and more satisfying

With that part over, feel free to contact me or view some of my work.

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