How to Make your WordPress site for Members Only

Updated 12/2014

I was putting together a site in WordPress and needed to make it so only logged in users could view posts. In addition, only users logged in could download/view images and documents uploaded through the media library (wp-content/uploads/).

Redirect visitors to login page

First part is easy.  Just add this to functions.php:

Visitors are now directed to the default WordPress login page.  The default login page is bleak and not attractive to someone happening onto the site.  You could add a logo to it using a plugin or you could use the Theme My Login plugin and make it match the site.  The Theme My Login plugin also takes care of redirecting users to a page outside the normal WordPress admin.  One issue that arises is that we now have 4-5 pages (login, logout, forgot password, register, etc…) created by the Theme My Login plugin that need be visible without logging in.  We need to go back to our login_redirect() function and whitelist those pages from auth_redirect().

Now we have an array of post IDs that are whitelisted from auth_redirect().

Select Page/Post visibility with custom meta field

Of course keeping track of post IDs via manual code updates can be tedious.  A better way is to just add a custom meta field that allow you select if the page requires a login or not. Advanced Custom Fields is a fantastic plugin that we can use to create that custom meta field.

acf-visibility-field-groupCreate a new field group and call it something like Page Visibility. Fill in the other settings something like:

  • Field Label: This page is visible to
  • Field Name: visibility
  • Field Type: Select
  • Required?: Yes
  • Choices:
    • logged_in : Logged in Users
    • public : Anyone (Public)
  • Default Value: logged_in
  • Location
    • Post Type equal to Page
  • Options
    • Position: Side

New lets go back to the login_redirect function and make some changes.  We run a query to find all posts that are set to public.  Then we loop through then and add the post IDs to the array of post IDs we want to whitelist.


Restrict media library uploads to logged in users

I found a great piece of code on StackExchange by Hakre:

This code uses .htaccess to redirect all files in wp-content/uploads/ through a php file that verifies they are logged in before serving the file request.

One thing I ran into is that if you have any images/files on those pages that are whitelisted (or in the header/footer) they will also be blocked also.  To get around that I added a small whitelist array of images to the top of dl-file.php.

Note: If you are using Nginx you will need to create a custom vhost file that tells Nginx to pass through whichever files you don’t want it to cache.

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Posted on February 16, 2014

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